Is the gel harmful if swallowed?

No, our products are non-toxic.

Where can I buy these products?

Please see our Retailers page.

On your ICE-PAK rigid bottles does the 50, 100, etc., indicated on the sleeve mean this is how many times you can use it?

No, this is an internal reference number.  The ICE-PAK rigid bottles can be re-used repeatedly.

Can your Flexible Ice Blankets be heated in the microwave?

No, these are not made to be microwaved.

Can your ICE-PAK/HOT-PAK gel packs be used either for hot or cold use?

Yes, these gel packs can be used to keep your food cold when frozen or heated to keep food warm once at room temperature. Do not microwave while still frozen.  They can also be used for hot or cold therapy if wrapped in a cloth prior to use. Not recommended to use use while sleeping.

Are your KOOL KIDZ gel packs BPA and lead free?

Yes they are.