Cryopak: The world leader in designing and manufacturing personal use ice substitutes.

Whether your need is for food storage or therapeutic reasons, Cryopak has it all.   From flexible cooling inserts to heating products, we'll make sure your meals and snacks stay at just the temperature you need them to be.  Need therapeutic help instead?  No problem!  Cryopak offers products that help relieve the pain and inflammation of serious athletic injuries all the way down to just being there to make the boo-boo go away.

The Innovators in Personal Use Ice Substitutes
Environmentally friendly, our products are re-useable and non-toxic.  Always reliable, you know you can count on Cryopak to provide the temperature controlled products that make your life easier.  Available in the United States, Canada and selected on-line retailers, Cropak is a name you can trust.